As the health of our membership and our community remains our first priority, we must inform you that all scheduled events have been cancelled. We look forward to resuming our activities in 2021. 





The Grunt Club was established in 1931 and, today, is Montreal’s premier marine community.  Our membership is comprised of people from every facet of the shipping industry and related fields in Montreal.  The primary purposes of the Club are to promote fellowship amongst its members, provide networking opportunities and give back to worthy causes in the community.

Each year, the club hosts a number of events.  These include a curling luncheon, two golf tournaments, a family picnic, a children’s Christmas party and the Annual Dinner. This last is the gala event of the year! It brings together over 1,300 members and guests from around the world. The proceeds from all of these events, including the dinner, fund the Club’s good works program.

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All through the year, we organize great events.  These are the perfect opportunities for members and their families to meet, socialize and support the shipping community in Montreal.  View our event calendar and join us soon!

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